9th January


Banks of the River Deele.


Sleet, hail and short dry periods in waves.


This area has been planted with a number of Blackthorn bushes at some time. There were quite a few specimens with the sloes still in place. (Don't the birds eat these?)

Two shots of Ramalina fraxinea on twigs which had blown down during high winds over the past few nights. I think this specimen shows both the fungal and algal characteristics quite well.


And this is a close-up of the fruiting body, which is about 6 mm across. This releases fungal spores only. 

These are the reproductive parts of Hazel. Male catkins (still in bud) on the left, and the female flower just emerging on the right. The green part of the female flower is about 5mm tall.



Something had been digging around. The green shoots to the right are very young Cow Parsley, and the peanut-like objects are the young tubers of a Ranunculus - I think Lesser Celandine, from the look of neighbouring plants (not shown).

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