16th January


Fringes of high Fir forestry.


Dull but surprisingly mild - 12, 13 degrees.

Surprisingly, although there are many mature Silver Fir trees here, this is one of the first cones I've been able to photograph. They appear to break into individual seeds whilst still attached to the tree. This one came down in last week's storm. Note that one of the seeds has started to germinate.


And this is a single seed, with its 'wings':

At first I thought this was a Scutellinia, but they grow on wood or soil. This is growing on cow dung (we have wild cattle and goats in our forestry). It's Cheilymenia stercoria - the individual fungi are about 5 mm diameter.


Most Angelica plants have broken down, now, but this specimen was still clinging on to its seeds.

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