29th January


High heath, with a focus on water, plus a long-standing mystery.


Dull but warm.


The old drainage ditches for the forestry are now full of water plants. Here we have Bog Pondweed - Potamogeton polygonifolius - (unfurling) and Marsh Ragwort - Senecio aquaticus.


Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil - Lotus pedunculatus - is very similar to the common Bird's-foot Trefoil, but the most easily recognisable separator is its affinity with water.


Blinks - Montia fontana - is a very variable species. I've also found it in shallow mud, where it is much smaller (and with more pink on the stems).

A better picture of the Marsh Ragwort - Senecio aquaticus. The species can most readily be distinguished by the large lobes at the end of the leaves.

This is the mystery. I saw it last year and watched it in a number of places. I saw no flowers at any time. Anyone got any ideas? Individual leaves about 10 cm long...leaflets about 8mm long...loose rosette - always in water.


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