31st January


January 2005 was very mild, with only 3 nights of frost. Some perennial plants are still in flower, and a few have resumed flowering after a long rest. Birdsong was noticed early in the month, (most notably the Blackbird). 

Days have been mild but dull - photography weather was hard to come by, but that's normal for January.

Generally, the season appears to be several weeks early. Birds are nesting, plants are flowering, buds are breaking (Elder in leaf). Insects are flying - most noticeable were clouds of gnats, and a few blowflies. A 10-spot Ladybird was photographed towards the end of the month. Moths were seen in car headlights.

Fungi were more numerous than usual for the time of year, both in number of species and number of specimens.

There is much talk of global warming at present, and my January findings do nothing to suggest that the talk is unfounded.

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