5th March


A pleasant day exploring a number of locations.


Bright, but cool in exposed areas.

I drive past this location most days, so I can keep an eye out. The Blackthorn - Prunus spinosa - appeared last year on 13th March, so it's 8 days earlier, this year.



I suppose it had to happen sometime. The Willow has leaves at last. From a distance, Willows have been looking 'green' for about a week or so.

This brown Liverwort grows in the centre of a path in the forestry. The right-hand close-up shows the gemmae cups. Specimen about 8 cm. across. Apparently it's dead.


There is a very old Hawthorn overhanging a stream in the forestry. It is literally covered in mosses, lichens and fungi. The left-hand picture shows a lichen - Dimerella lutea - with tiny (2 to 3mm. across) yellow fruit-bodies growing on old moss. The right-hand image is Cladonia chlorophaea. The podetia are about 2 cm. tall.


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