12th March


Original Hedgerow.


Mixed sun and snow.

The hedgerow was flailed about 8 weeks ago - a good time to do it - and all the new growth for this year is showing through. This is the basal rosette of a fern. Last year's fronds can be seen rising towards the top of the picture. This year's fronds are still tightly rolled in the centre. The picture is a good illustration of the classic 'shuttlecock' structure of our larger ferns. Species is likely to be Broad Buckler fern, given the size. Time will tell - I'll be covering all of our local ferns in all stages, this year.


Also showing through the cut growth is the Common Dog Violet - Viola riviniana. I like the way the new leaves first appear rolled up into a cone shape.


The bright yellow of this  Caloplaca flavescens attracted my attention. Specimen about 6 cm. across.


I spotted this Dandelion seed-head just starting to open. I suppose it will be gone tomorow.

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