15th March


A second trip to my recently-discovered mature deforested area. This area is very interesting, since it has had time to mature into a heath environment.

Two pages - today the aquatic images.

Dull and very wet.

The frog tadpoles have now hatched and are moving away from the spawn. The green vegetation appears to be one of the Callitriche family - the Water Starworts.

About 2 metres from one of the ditches, I found some frogspawn lying on the ground, and some had become lodged in dead vegetation. These were about 10 cm. above ground. I suppose a predator had tried to lift the spawn and dropped some.


The two whitish objects are the head-end of some purplish gnat larvae at the bottom of one of the shallow ditches. They were being pumped backwards and forwards, presumably to filter small food particles from the water. About 8mm long.


I presume the black holes house some other creature, too.


This is a Caddis-Fly larva. It makes a 'case' from sand and grit particles and moves around the bottom as it feeds. We have very micaceous rocks, hence the glittering appearance of the case. About 15mm long.

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