16th March


A second trip to my recently-discovered mature deforested area. This area is very interesting, since it has had time to mature into a heath environment.

The second page - today the land images.

Dull and very wet.

Bronze Willowherb - Epilobium  komarovianum can easily be identified by its pinkish older leaves. It is very common on paths in hilly areas.

This is another shot of Baeomyces rufus - one of my favourite lichens. The pink/purple fruit bodies look like tiny mushrooms. I suppose that's actually what they are.


Larger individual 'mushrooms' about 1-2 mm. across.

And now another lichen - one of the Cladonia fimbriata group which is very interesting in that the new fruit bodies (podetia) grow from the previous season's podetia, forming a tiered or escalating structure. Very beautiful in close-up.


Left-hand group about 5 cm tall. The darker group in the right-hand image about 2 cm tall. Lovely.

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