22nd March


Sunny morning, so Drumboe appealed.


Sun early, then dull with rain.


This is the first appearance of the Angelica. I take note of where all these specimens are, so that I can return in July when they open - they are a major source of insect pictures.


Lesser Celandine has been in flower for 5 months, now. It is on every verge, lane and streamside in great numbers.

On the left, the flower buds of the Wild Cherry will open in a couple of days. The leaf buds of the Horse Chestnut on the right have just opened.



Some of the specimens of Lesser Celandine have purplish centres to the leaves.


I like carpets of flowers like these Wood Anemones, but they rarely translate effectively to the flat screen.


My second Hoverfly of the year - Melanostoma scalare. This species is on the wing all year except the three winter months of December, January and February.

The air was abuzz with these Blow-flies. The specimen on the left is the common blue-bottle, but the right hand specimen is very different.

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