23rd March


Waste ground in the centre of town.

2 x Tortoiseshell.

Sun early, then dull with rain.


The Thale Cress - Arabidopsis thaliana - has now opened. Individual flowers about 3 mm across.

Two shots of Slender Speedwell - Veronica filiformis. The long, slender flower stalks can easily be seen in the background.


And now the flowers of  Common Field Speedwell - Veronica persica - have opened fully.

The male Dung Fly - Scathophagus stercoraria - is nicely poised on the Coltsfoot - Tussilago furfara. I thought it was nectaring, but the close-up shows it's feeding on pollen.

This Small Tortoiseshell - Aglais urticae - has overwintered successfully and will now be looking for a mate. Given the state of its rear wings and that horrible-looking raw patch on its abdomen, it had better hurry.

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