7th April


More from Drumboe woods.


Sun alternating with hail.


The Bluebell has fully opened, now. I'm anticipating that huge areas of woodland will be carpeted with blue next week.


I had to risk my limbs climbing down a ravine to get this picture of Marsh Marigold - Caltha palustris. The local name is the May Flower.

This large (10cm.) fungus keys out to Melanoleuca stictipes. It's supposed to be very rare. Stipe is about 15 cm tall, spores white, with tiny warts.



And here is a genuine specimen of Water Mint - Mentha aquatica. It was growing about 1 metre away from the Marsh Marigold.

The Wild Cherry - Prunus avium - has flowered. Shortly before I arrived there was a violent hail shower that knocked down more than half of the flowers.

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