10th April


Original Hedgerow.


Dry and windy.

Two more shots of the 7-spot Ladybird - Coccinella 7-punctata. This one was feeding on aphids - you can see one towards the lower centre of the left-hand picture.


Two uncurling ferns. I'm not too experienced at identifying them before they're fully opened, but I think it's Broad Buckler - Dryopteris dilatata - on the left and Lady Fern - Athyrium filix-femina on the right.


Two emerging flowers:

Bush Vetch - Vicia sepium - on the left and Groundsel - Senecio vulgaris - on the right.


A Rove Beetle on the left and an unidentified spider on the right.



I don't think I've ever seen one of these Wall Speedwells with open flowers. I wonder how they pollinate. Just for scale: the flowers are about 2mm. across. Veronica arvensis.

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