11th April


Hedgerow to the south of town.


Dull, cold and showery.

This is a Prunus spp. Not Blackthorn, because the leaves are present. Probably a hybrid plum of some kind. The left hand image shows a normal flower, but the right hand flower apears to be double. It has twice the number of everything and is much larger than the standard one.


Here's a little mushroom that gave me some fun during identification. When keying out, I came undone on all attempts. The spores simply didn't fit any species. The spores appeared to be wrinkled, rather than smooth. It turns out the whole specimen was dried out and the spores had collapsed. When rehydrated they returned to their original smooth shape. This is classic behaviour of Tubarias. The cap has dried to a white, too. Probably Tubaria furfuracea. Spore print very pale yellow.


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