13th April


Original Hedgerow, leg 1.


Torrential rain showers with bright spells.


Continuing my list of emerging ferns, this is Bracken - Pteridium aquilinum, as the branches clearly indicate.

Coltsfoot has set seed, now. I always think these seedheads are rather less tidy than most others.

This pair of tiny (the male is about 5mm long) hoverflies shows the very interesting thick 'thigh'.

Maybe Syritta pipiens.

The first Ichneumon of the year. I'd have thought that this was a bit early, but since some moths and flies have larvae at this time of year, then I suppose these parasitic wasps might well be taking advantage.

What makes it an Ichneumon? Fast movement over the leaf, long antennae always on the go, the dark marks ('Stigma') on the outside edge of the wings. This one is quite small at around 1 cm. long.

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