25th April


Verge to the west of town. 5 minutes in all.


Misty early, sunny later.


One of the myriad Dandelions shouted "I'm different". And it turned out to be the first new season's Prickly Sow Thistle - Sonchus asper.


While I was down at the Sonchus.....

A new ladybird for me -  the 22-spot ladybird - Psyllobora 22-punctata. Absolutely stunning. For those of you who know the size of the Sonchus seedhead, this will look very small - it's about 3mm long.


I said I was doing grasses...hmmm.....This looks like one of the Foxtails. Maybe Meadow Foxtail - Alopecurus pratensis.

A little bit of excitement - I've been looking for hoverfly larvae. This is the very fresh pupa of a hoverfly. It's on the underside of a Tutsan leaf. Not a large hoverfly - the pupa is about 3 mm long.


At least I now know where to look for the larvae....


One of the solitary bees. It's about 15mm long, and the grey, hairy thorax was quite evident.

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