26th April


Verge to the south of town.

2 x Green-veined White.

Damp early, bright later.

In November last year, I showed a Hogweed specimen in full bloom. This is the first flowering specimen I've seen this year, and is in almost exactly the same place as the November one. The leaves in the background belong to Cow Parsley - also very common on this verge (and every other verge around here).

Spheraclium spondylium.

Two more Speedwells. On the left, Thyme-leaved Speedwell - Veronica serpyllifolia -, and on the right, a recent escape, American Speedwell - Veronica peregrina.


I'm now seeing the Green-veined White - Pieris napi - on every outing. This is the male, and shows top and under-wing views. This is a species that overwinters locally as a pupa, so all specimens are currently bright and clean.


This is a most entertaining Liverwort - Marchantia polymorpha. It has a dual life-cycle, like mosses and ferns, with one generation producing male and female parts, and the next generation producing spores in gemmae cups.

On the left we have the female archegonia, with the male antheridia on the right.


The next generation is the thallus with the gemmae cups. The spores are distributed by water splashing them out. 

Compare this picture with the one on November 30th from last year. The Lunularia gemmae cup is crescent-shaped.

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