15th May


Highest local point - deforestation.

5 x Green-veined White, male; 2 x Orange Tip, male.

Bright and warm.

** I'm going to keep yesterday's 'mystery object' quiz going for one more day. **

This tiny (2cm.) frog was struggling to get through this little tussock of rushes. It's almost certainly from last year's production.

Two moths: Clouded Bordered Brindle - Apamea crenata on the left, and another shot of the Clouded Silver - Lomographa temerata - on the right.



These outlandish-looking plants are the Wood Horsetail - Equisetum sylvaticum - (with Field Horsetail behind them). This area was forestry until 3 years ago, and now the two species are changing over in dominance...the Field is overtaking the Wood now that the trees are gone.

A nice little shot of Mnium hornum. If you think that's hard to pronounce, try Mniaciae - the family.

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