18th May


More from the trip to the south of Co. Donegal.


Cloudy but dry.

Another species I'd never seen before. It's Mountain Everlasting - Antennaria dioica. Male on the left and female on the right.



I don't see the Scarlet Pimpernel - Anagallis arvensis -  very often; it's quite elusive.


This beautiful Click Beetle - Ctenicera cuprea - wandered around the Creeping Willow before flying off. It's quite large at about 20 mm. long.

The grey dotted lichen to the bottom of the picture is Verrucaria baldensis.

The Early Purple Orchid - Orchis mascula - appears in a number of colour variations. They were extremely numerous in this location.


Here's a close-up:


This is Bitter Vetchling - Lathyrus linifolius .There are only 5 to 7 very long pointed leaflets to each leaf, which terminates in a tiny point. Very low to the ground and with few flowers.

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