24th May


High deforestation in bad light.

2 x Orange Tip, female.

Dull and cold.


This looks very like another rust on Clover.

This is the third Irish record for Helvella corium. How do I know that?...because I have the previous two. Seriously, though....this is now the third year that this mushroom has been found in the same location. It is clearly established. It first appeared last year on May 20th, so it is very regular. It will reappear in mid-August. Central specimen shown is 2.5 cm across.



These are the first flower buds of the Marsh Thistle - Cirsium palustre. This is a very important foodplant for many species of insects. I have taken pictures of flies, bees, wasps, hoverflies and ants on this species. Spiders, of course, know this, too and build their webs to take advantage. An interesting and well-spined plant.

Another excellent quiz picture, but this time I'll give the answer straight away. These are the antheridia of a moss - Philonotis Fontana.

This looks like yet another fungal attack, this time on Alder. Specimens are on slides awaiting spores.



This looks to be Common Cotton Grass - Eriophorum angustifolium...I'm sure it wasn't there last year. Maybe just another sign of the quick re-colonisation of a heath when the coniferous plantation is gone.

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