6th July


Murvagh Beach early and local waste-land later.

1 x Dark Green Fritillary.

Heavy showers all day.


On Monday I saw around 6 Dark Green Fritillaries flying in warm sunshine. Today I went back while they were still too cold to rush around. This appears to be a male. Argynnis aglaja.

This specimen of Hogweed has 9 Scathophagus flies and 2 Rhagonycha fulva soldier beetles nectaring on it.

I managed to catch this Helophilus pendulus as it was cleaning its tongue.

This Willowherb is a bit of fun. 4-lobed stigma, square ridged stems, rather hairy, but not nearly as much as Hoary Willowherb. It doesn't key out to any species, so must be a hybrid. If I was a gambler, I'd go for Epilobium parviflorum x E. ciliatum. Both are growing nearby. That would make it Epilobium x floridulum, which has previously been recorded about 30km south of here.


Lastly, a shot of the fruit of Common Figwort. They look just like figs.

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