13th July


Original Hedgerow.

Three more bites from Horse Flies (Haematopota pluvialis).

Cloud early, then drizzle, then hot and sticky.

Two more grasses: False Oat-grass (Arrhenatherum elatius) and Timothy (Phleum pratense).



Another Sawfly larva. This one's feeding on a Soft Rush. About 15 mm long.

One of the Dolerus species.


Birdsfoot Trefoil has been out locally for a week or two. This is Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil - Lotus pedunculatus. It is distinguished by more flowers per head, hollow stems, and a slightly bluer leaf. It likes water and can often be found growing directly in streams and ditches.

This Hairy Bindweed - Calystegia pulchra - has hairier flower stalks than either the Hedge or Large Bindweed.



The Navelwort is now fully developed, looking for all the world like a tiny pale green Foxglove.

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