15th July


Various hedgerows around town.


Bright and hot most of the day.

The two white Bindweeds appeared this week. I've shown them both together so that identification features can be compared. First the Hedge Bindweed - Calystegia sepium. Note that the bracts are smaller and leave some of the sepal uncovered. Flower is about 5 cm. across. I also find that the stalk end of the leaf is more simply shaped.


And this is Large Bindweed - Calystegia sylvatica. The bracts are altogether more substantial and cover almost all of the sepals. Flower about 8 cm. across.



We have a nest of House Martins above our front door. The young are ready to fly. It will be nice to be able to enter and leave the house without first having to look up and see what end of the bird is visible.

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