19th July


A hedgerow to the west of town.


Dull with showers.

This appears to be my first 2005 victim of Entomophthora muscae - a fungus that kills flies.


The pose is recognisable and there appears to be hint of the pink fungus on the rear leg.


The year appears to be moving on at an alarming pace. These are the fruits of the Downy Rose - Rugosa tomentosa.


Every time I see one of these Harvestmen at rest I think I can detect a trap. They don't make webs, so must catch their prey some other way. Notice that three of the front legs are resting on the Nettle flowers, with the second leg on the right in a very awkward position, reaching over the two front legs.

These are the fruits of Honeysuckle.


Sycamore Tar Spot - Rhytissma acerinum - is now apparent on many of the Sycamore trees in the area.

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