27th July


Hedgerow to the east of town.


Warm with some sun.


This is one of the Miridae - Capsid Bugs. I didn't identify it last year and I just spent 2 hours finding out lots of Capsids that it isn't. About 10mm long; 1 insect per leaf, all watching each other.

Calocoris stysi.


This is the hybrid between Hedge Woundwort (dark purple) and Marsh Woundwort (narrow leaves) - Stachys x. ambigua. Both parents were nearby.


The 2nd brood of Small Tortoiseshells is very numerous this year. I see them every day, now.


Upright Hedge Parsley - Torilis japonica - is the last and most delicate of the Umbellifers to emerge. The flower head is only about 4 cm. across.


I always think the purple stalks and buds of this Woody Nightshade - Solanum dulcamara -  look dark and menacing. This plant is closely related to the Tomato, as the flower shape will indicate. Poisonous.

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