5th June


Deciduous fringe to Spruce plantation.


Dry with showery intervals.

There is a clearing at the edge of the plantation that is occasionally used for storing logs. Various insects use this clearing as a pairing/hunting area. So on the right day I can find dozens of dragonflies or damsels or butterflies. Hoverflies also use the sheltered sunny parts to bask or sunbathe. Yesterday I was there during a hatch of Bibio pomacaeus. There were thousands of them chasing each other and landing on trees, flowers, grasses, myself and the dogs. This is a very attractive larger Bibio with large red legs. Interestingly, every specimen seen was male.


Here are two shots of one of the Cixiidae - probably Cixius nervosus. About 8mm long, these are related to the common Froghopper.


I photographed this female Great Diving Beetle - Dysticus marginalis - in a very shallow puddle on the pathway. 'Great' is un understatement - it was fully 3 cm long.


This beautiful Clouded Border moth allowed me two shots before it vanished into the undergrowth. Lomaspilis marginata.


Looks like these two beetles have 'clicked'. Athous haemorrhoidalis.


A green Capsid Beetle on Sweet Vernal grass.


All the action in this photograph is at the lower left: A spider has just captured a hoverfly. The other flies on the Plantain are continuing feeding as if nothing has happened. Maybe they know they're temporarily safe.


The Beech trees waste no time. The leaves have just firmed up to full size and the flowers have started to appear already.

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