15th June


Drumboe, in the morning rain.


Rain all morning, dry later.


This is the flower spike of Wood Dock - Rumex sanguineus.

Three pathogens on Sycamore. Two early shots of the Sycamore Tar Spot - Rhytisma acerinum.


And a leaf-gall made by a fly - Aceria macrorhynchus.

At first I thought this was a moth, but as I looked more closely it said "Caddis-fly". And sure enough a quick search led me to Mystacides azurea, one of the Silverhorn Caddis-flies. The nymphs live in water and make little cases for themselves out of small stones and sand grains.

About 3 cm long, including the antennae.

Drumboe is one of the few places locally that have a decent Sanicle population. Sanicula europaea.

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