14th June


A couple of images left over from the past week.


Rain all day, and it's cold.

Two from the Hedgerow. Ground Elder - Aegopodium podagraria - on the left, and Eristalis pertinax - a hoverfly - on the right.



This one's a corker - one of the Delphacidae in the Froghopper family.

Why do I like it?'s only 3mm long from nose to tail. I suppose the yellow dots are pollen grains.

A fairly decent pic of Cantharis pallida, one of the Soldier Beetles. I'm not sure if it was about to fly or if it's a female full of eggs.


Another brown Weevil. This one was happily munching on a's obviously been at it for a while. I can't remember what the leaf is...Bramble?

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