23rd June


Original Hedgerow.

2 Speckled Wood.

Very bright. Hottest day so far this year.

Two water-loving plants growing side by side. Brooklime - Veronica beccabunga to the left and Watercress - Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum - on the right.


Snowberry - Symphoricarpos albus - flowers have opened, always in pairs. On the right is a leaf mine with a distinctive star-shaped starting-point at the left end of the mine. The miner is Chromatomyia lonicerae - an agromyzid fly.



This is the seedhead of Ranunculus repens - Creeping Buttercup.


I suppose this is Toad Rush - a very difficult species to photograph, since there's very little to focus on. Juncus bufonius agg.


Finally, Tufted Vetch - Vicia cracca. This is a very puzzling species for me, because it seems to need an identical environment to Bush Vetch, but is found in perhaps only 5% of the places that I find the latter.

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