26th June


High deforestation.


Bright and warm.


Bilberries have started to form, now. I also notice that there is a pretty pervasive rust on many of the leaves.

This is a poor picture of Eristalis intricarius - a Hoverfly.


What's this one? Hands up for a Bumblebee...go to the back of the class. This is also Eristalis intricarius - a Hoverfly that mimics a Bumblebee.


There were dozens of these Common Blue Damselflies - Enallagma cyathigerum - chasing each other along the path.


Bulbous Rush - Juncus bulbosus - is very common in this area. It forms little tussocks that can cover the ground as far as you can see.


Cross-leaved Heath - Erica tetralix - grows in the wetter areas of the bog.


Lastly, a paler version of the Dog Rose - Rosa canina.

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