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Have you ever thought you would like to take up Hill Walking, but thought you wouldn't be able for it? Well, this is the place for you!

Map reading on Djouce - Click to enlarge

We began our Hill Walking one fine August Bank Holiday a couple of years ago. Being at a loose end on the Monday, I went into a bookstore, bought a map of the Wicklow Way and a guide book describing the walk. I then phoned around and found someone else with nothing to do, and we just set off on our first walk. It really was as easy as that!

Beautiful Wicklow - Click to enlarge

Hill Walking is a pastime for everyone. People with relatively poor fitness can enjoy many walks, and as fitness improves, more challenging walks can be attempted.

We go walking nearly every week-end, usually in the hills above Dublin. We often base our walks on guide books written by other more experienced walkers. I hope to include my own experiences of these walks,with comments as to my experience of each walk compared to the descriptions in the guide books!

Our real objective in our walking is to escape from the city, and experience a little solitude and natural beauty to keep us going during the week, when mountains seem so very far away.

We range in age from twenty-something to fifty-something, so we have varying levels of fitness. What we have in common is an enthusiasm for fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Last updated on ... 1 January 2000

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