Lough Dan

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This was a cold and sometimes wet February day so we opted for a low-level walk along the banks of Lough Dan.
The sun actually shone for some of the time, but as you can see, we still needed the warm clothes
The views all along this walk are superb. That is why I have included more pictures than usual. Please click on the pictures to see the full pictures.
The sun on the hills - that side of the lake is accessed from Pier Gates by a VERY steep path - for the unfit - I suggest that you don't let yourself get too tired before you make this ascent on your return!
The secret of comfortable walking is to add layers as required, One becomes expert at shedding clothes on the move! However, on this walk all we did was add layers - at this point we were in the midst of a Hailstorm so the Wet gear seemed like a good idea.
And this is just in case you thought we were serious walkers - we are playing "King of the Castle" for the benefit of the camera-man