Co-ordination of major EU-funded
resettlement project


Human Rights Consultants has been awarded a contract to provide the National Co-ordinator for a major EU-funded resettlement project: the MORE project. HRC partner Sophie Magennis will perform this role until Spring 2005.

MORE - Modelling of National Resettlement Process and Implementation of Emergency Measures

The MORE Project is co-funded by the EU's European Refugee Fund and the project partners are: the Ministry of Labour, Finland and the Reception and Integration Agency, Ireland, in co-operation with ECRE, IOM and UNHCR.

Resettlement involves the transfer of a refugee to a new safe host country, where he or she is accorded full protection guarantees, including legal residence, allowing the refugee to integrate in the national community. The primary objective of the MORE project is to develop comprehensive resettlement models, which can be used by European Union member States and other countries. Development of these models involves researching current practices in the resettlement field and identifying examples of best practice. The best practice models will address all aspects of the resettlement process.

Preparatory work on the project has begun, and activities will continue until Spring 2005. Project activities, including research, training and capacity building will be undertaken at the national and international level and will involve the participation of actors from all sectors engaged in the resettlement area. Further information about the project can be found on its website:

MORE Project Partners

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