Hybrids of the Enacki strain are organised into four orders: Life, Peace, Health, and Plenty. Though each of the hybrids is drawn into only one order, they are usually also trained in the other three to a limited extent. Each order was set up with four leaders.
Life is the central tenant of the Menuhim religion, 'Ki' in the Enacki language; it is the foundation of all of the lower tenants. Without life there is nothing.
    In the Book of the Enacki, the Menuhim's book of religion, law, and society in general, it is said that "the ways of the bunificenct plentiful, of the well being, of the peace... all can only be made with the living to guide them."
    As with all of the orders, the projected intake was set to one thousand, one hundred and eleven. However, because of the strict requirements that the book of Enacki, only four hundred and forty-four were accepted--all extremely powerful psychic beings. In fact, the order has the strongest hybrids of any other order. Their abilities are concerned with the manipulation of the life force, or KiShim, of living things; and extending that outside themselves. The leaders of the order were Ki NatOrb (or life that with heavy, though worthwhile, responsibilies/tested soul), Ki RaEl (soul of sunlight/soul like the sun); who were absentee leaders, Ki UTu (powerfully bright soul/powerful and fiery soul), and Ki DaNu (hero's soul). Both Ki NatOrb and Ki UTu were male, and Ki RaEl and Ki DaNu female.
    Ki DaNu is dead, killed by Ki UTu; who has rebelled against the Book of the Enacki and fashioned himself as Ki XulKur, the enemy of life, and the leader of the Fallen, taking nineteen other hybrids from Life with him.
Peace, or 'Pa' in Enacki, is second only to Life in importance, and most of the hybrids of Life are trained heavily in the doctrine of Peace also. They are characterised by a certain calmness; and they are quite capable of peering inside a human mind to "flick the switches" to whichever emotion they want.
    The Book of the Enacki tells a tale of peace: an Enacki came down from the skies to see two Mul (the precursors to the Menuhim, equivalent to apes in human evolution) fighting over the berries of a plant.

The Enacki asked "why do you squabble over the fruit?". Each Mul replied "My stomach is in a painful hunger, and the other Mul knows not this pain". The Enacki went inside the minds of the two Mul, and connected the two to each other, whereupon each saw the pain of the other. They shared the berries between them, and even in there great hunger, offered the Enacki one. She declined. "Peace is my life, and peace is my reward."
    The order, although set out to be one thousand, one hundred and eleven strong, began at over sixteen hundred; getting most of those that weren't suitable for the Order of Life.
    The fall left Pa PilSak (great fire) and Pa KaGur (watcher of peace's gateway) dead, and Pa HorTak severely wounded. Pa NamEn turned to Pa XulKur.
The powers of Health are concerned with the psychic well being of creatures, and all have some fundamentally great ability in the donation of energy to others, in order to heal them (though none can bring those back from the dead, as several members of life are capable of). 'Do' and 'Tim' in Enacki, Do DaLa (glow to heal) was their fallen Lord, the rest of the leaders died.
Plenty--'Ir' and 'Hegal' in Enacki, is the concerned with raising the capabilities of other hybrids around them, and occasionally themselves. Ir UrMah (lioness of plenty) is their fallen.
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