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The Official Inny Kayak Club Swim Page

Name Ranking Swims

Location of Swims                                                         

Alex Stanley       
Bob Lacey        3rd     1 Inny River
David Donnelly        
Willie Currams       2nd     2 The Inny River,Tryweryn,Wales
David O'Neill      
David McCormack        
John Kenny      
Seamus Mac Ardle      
Alan Foxe      
Robert Forbes      
Brendan O'Neill       3rd      1 Inny
Shane O'Neill       1st       4  The Inny River 

Ranking is organized by what river you swim on, for instance if you swim at home on the Inny it counts higher than swimming away on any other river so if Bob swam 4 times on the Inny and Willie swam 5 times away bob would still be ahead of Willie.