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4th/11/2000  The Lads went to do the Gleniff and Duff Today, it was a bit of a scrap but worthwhile. Pictures soon!

5th/11/2000 The Inny is running nice and high at the moment with a great standing wave, Well worth a look!

12th/11/2000 We were on the Inny today, where I was to witness a true miracle of gargantuan proportions! 

        It all started with Bob calling me on Saturday evening to ask me to bring David McCormack's paddles along on Sunday because Davie Mac was going out. As you can imagine I expected the usual gusto of him defiantly going and then crying off at the last moment because its raining or something. Then unbelievably on this morning the man himself called asking for a spray deck and a cag! I guess this was because his must have fallen apart with old age and lack of use but who was I to argue? So I arrived fashionably late to see David rearing to go and just waiting for his gear. Taking Bobs RPM out he then proceeded to have a storming day on the river even trying out the new Riot Trickster belonging to one of Brendan's friends and rolling after how many years David???? on his first try! 

With regard to the rest of us David O' Neill was showing his usual style of 360 spins and back surfing on the Standing wave closely followed by his little brother Shane who was ripping up the wave in the Inazone but unfortunately taking another swim and guaranteeing his position at the top of the Swim Table. I tried out David's Prozone at the standing wave and it spins like nobody's business its soooooo loose on the wave compared to my Mr. Clean jealousy is a terrible thing ! I want one! We also had the Company of Brian Coughlan in his Forplay and Two Mates of Brendan's... Connor and Alan. Bob was in his usual good form popping out everywhere he could and trying to master his wavewheels along with Willie Who was getting serious air time up at the pour over. David Donnelly was showing his finesse on the wave and up at the double drop and Brendan was doing his shiny head trick to blind us all.

All in all we all enjoyed the day especially the photo shoot on the wave which had us all jockeying for position. We had Six people on the wave at one stage!