Last updated 07. May 2004.

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I would like to publish here some of my patterns that could be downloaded and printed. Unfortunately, I used to create patterns on a grid paper and they don't look good when scanned.  After a long break, I am starting to create again and this time I will be using a graphics program so you can expect to see patterns here soon.

So far I only  'converted' a pattern for one of my old designs but there is more to come.
Patterns are in PDF format and to view and print them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is free and can be downloaded here

Patterns should be printed with no scaling.




Gracanica Monastery (Manastir Gracanica), Gracanica, Yugoslavia


Download pattern.

Here you can find a mirror image of the pattern if you want to print it on the back of the paper.

View large photo


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All models designed and cut by Jagoda Djuran.

Last updated 07. May 2004.