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Report form the Ennis Petty Sessions of 30th October 1903


Petty Sessions


Above is a copy of a page from Order Book of the Ennis Petty Sessions where the following report of a court sitting on October 26, 1903 is summarised. The case of interest (case No 89) relates to a Defendant, John Keane, Ballyashea; complainant, Const David Magner, Ennis; witnesses Const D. Magner and Sgt Weir; Cause of complaint: (Drunkenness), that the defendant was drunk on the public street at Ennis in said County on the 26th of October 1903. Particulars of Order: 'fined 2/- and costs 1/6. In default of payment forthwith to the recipiend (! court clerk hand writing not vey legible) in Limerick Prison for 7 days with hl (hard labour) unless said sums be sooner paid.' *


*Caveat: It must be pointed out that a number of uncertainties attaches to the above report. First, apart from the reference to Ballyashea the parish is not given (notwithstanding this, the said Ballyashea is most likely to be the townland of Balyashea in Kilnamona, a townland name unique to  area vis-a-vis the greater Ennis environments). Secondly, the John Keane in question could have been John Keane Senior (Fady, then aged 73 years, see above) or his son John Joe Keane, then aged 33 years, see below) or kinsman John Keane Junior (Johnnie Matthew, then aged 51 years) all residing in Ballyashea, Kilnamona.

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