Keane of Kilnamona


The above plaque dedicated to An Bráthair Tomás Ó Catháin/Brother Thomas Keane is made of bronze and was sculpted by Michael Burke, Ballyfin, Co Laois, Ireland.  On the left of the plaque is depicted a monk seated under a tree while inscribing on a tome. This denotes Brother Thomas renowned for his teaching and writing his mathematics book entitled Matamaitic na hÁrd Teistiméireachta  (Leaving Ceritificate Mathematics, 1964).  At his feet are strewn scientific instruments, such as a chemistry beaker, microscope and mathematics set square depicting his scientific learning. On the right hand side young athletes are playing hurling, a major Irish sporting game of ball and stick, which Br Thomas fostered among the youth under his charge.  A chapel gable front denotes his dedication to the Christian religion and his baptism in 1908 in St Joseph's Church, Kilnamona.  The accompanying script is given both in the Irish and English forms.  Finally, the plaque was erected in 2008 by his former students from Portlaoise (Co Laois), Fairview (Dublin), Mount Sion (Waterford), Dungarvan (Waterford), Templemore (Tipperary) and Limerick Christian Brothers Secondary Schools. The script is as follows:


An Bráthair T.M. Ó Catháin


Brother Thomas M. Keane

born Ballyashea, Kilnamona

Sár-Mhúinteoir is Bráthair Chroistí díl

Renowned Teacher and Christian Brother

erected in 2008 by his former students

Portlaoise, Fairview, Mount Sion, Dungarvan, Templemore, Limerick