Keane of Kilnamona

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                  Matthew's family who emigrated

Katherine was the third child of Matthew (1810 - 1890).  Katherine emigrated to the U.S. and married the French Count de Loriet.  He fought in the American Civil war in the 1860's.  He seems to have been quite a bit older than Katherine as he died before 1900. Katherine lived with Mai and Andy Fawl in later life - they had a 21 acre farm in Fairfield, Connecticut and their father was Mike Fawl (Irish born).  Aunt de Loriet died about 1939 and is buried in Thomastown, U.S., where Monahan's, formally neighbours (and likely relations) of  the Keane's in Ballyashea, lived (see Feedback message No 54)! 

Katherine's sister Mary also emigrated to the USA, but there is no information to hand.

Also, there is no definite information as to the whereabouts of Matthew's brother Michael other than that he may have died or emigrated.  This would have occurred about the year 1866 (deduced from a report of a court case reported in the local newspaper, Clare Chronicle, in 1896 in relation to an inter family dispute as to ownership of a church pew in Kilnamona); there is also family lore that he may have emigrated either to Australia or America.

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