What is Pink? A rose is Pink, By the fountain's brink.
                    What is Red? A poppy's Red, In its barley bed.
                        What is Blue? The sky is Blue, Where the clouds float through.
                       What is White? A swan is White,Sailing in the light.
                        What is Yellow? A pear is Yellow, Rich and ripe and mellow.
                What is Green? The grass is Green, With small flowers between .
                          What is Violet? Clouds are Violet, In a Summer twilight.
                      What is Orange? Why, an Orange, Just an Orange!
Christina Rossetti

We liked this poem by Christina Rossetti and added our own verses.

Here they are :

What  is grey ? A mouse is grey , the colour of an owl's prey. (Vinnie)
What is cream? Why cream's cream, Whipped up like a dream. (Sheelagh)
 What is black ?A cat is black like a witch's hat.(Siobhan)
What is Blue? The sea is Blue, with fish swimming through. (Breda)
What is Red? Santa's Red, Placing presents on my bed. (Kate)

                                   What is lime?Lime is lime,Just like in this rhyme.(Isabel)

                            What is White? Snow's White, Glistening in the moonlight. (Sheelagh)

What is grey? The sky is grey, On a rainy day. (Sheelagh)
                       What is Green? Leaves are Green, In a lovely Summer scene. (Vinnie)
                        What is Red? A robin's Red, Hopping through the flower bed. (Flo)
                             What is Black? Soot is Black clogging up the chimney stack. (Vinnie)
                             What is Lemon? Why, a Lemon, Just a lemon!

                                       What is Indigo? The Sky is Indigo As I look through my window. (Katie)
                                         What is Cerise ?My cheeks are Cerise.On A morning,when I wear my fleece
                                         What is Azure ?Azure is the sky ,where many birds  fly.

What is peach? Why a peach of course.

St. Patrick Acrostic Poem

S is for Saint, shamrock and snakes.

T is for Tara home of King Laoire.


P is for parade, patron and prayers.

A is for Antrim and angel.

T is for Trinity he explained this with shamrock.

R is for "Reek" where he climbed and fasted.

I is for Ireland and idols.

C is for Cruach Phádraig known as the reek.
K is for kindness and the fire that he kindled.

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