O'Brien's Bridge
The small village of O'Brien's Bridge has two bridges, one of modern construction over the canal, and the older stone bridge over the river. The flow of the river is obstructed by a massive weir diverting much of it into an artificial canal headed for the hydroelectric works at Ardnacrusha.
O'Brien's Bridge is a noted centre for coarse angling and one can take enjoyable walks along the old river.

The village is overshadowed by the Bernagh Mountains, which are ideal for hill walking and cycling.
Scenic Doon Lake near by has excellent fishing and there is publicly owned picnic and boating places.
Violet Hill to the north of the village contains mature specimens of beech, oak and other hardwoods.

(Fiacal - a tooth or sharp crag)
Set in the southern foothills of the Slieve Aughty mountains and surrounded by rolling country, sprinkled with small lakes, some of which give good fishing.
Feakle is doubly famous as the home of Biddy Early, the wise woman or witch (whose cottage has been restored) and as the spot where the poet and hedge school-master, Brian Merriman wrote an epic poem in Irish entitled, Cuirt an Mhean Oíche, (The Midnight Court).
The Merriman Society has erected a monument to his memory in the local graveyard where he is buried.
Merriman wrote the poem whist sitting besides idyllic Lough Graney, 3 km from the village, is an excellent spot for angling. Infact, the widespread lake area between Feakle and Corofin has been renewed for it's angling and is known as the Clare Lakelands.
The area, joining Loughs Atorick and Graney is a nature reserve, which boasts majestic oakwoods - a wonderful place for a forest walk.
Feakle International Music Festival in August offers a wide variety of workshops, festival sessions and open air concerts

Flagmount and Woodford
Flagmount is a pretty village giving good views of the Lough Graney with a background of mountains. The road to Woodford takes the high around over the Slieve Aughty Mountains from which some spectacular scenery may be observed. Lough Atorick is a small lake but is noted for its fishing.