Miscellaneous Accumulated Notes

What's in here is stuff that either can't be put into other parts of the document or I just haven't bother putting in yet. Hold with me.

Dates are given inside square brackets at the beginning. A dash in place of a date indicates that a date is not relevant. A question mark, the date is unknown.


Ireland in the past

An Saorstát Éireann (The Irish Free State)

An Aonstát Éireann 1 (The Irish Federation)


  1. I coined the word "Aonstát" because I couldn't recall what the word for "Federation" was in Irish. It translates as "Union-State", a pretty good descripion for what it is in this case anyway. It's a nicer word than either "Cónaidhm" or "Stát Cónaidhme", I think.
  2. I had been using the word Ard-dháil up until recently (15-Oct-2001).

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