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Site: Bad news

I can see this site's contents getting a bit antiquated, I'm afraid.

For reasons behind my control, I won't be able to update this site's content very regularly. Any content will however be updated in another place, my weblog at Bit by bit, any regularly updated content will be transferrred over there. Primary amongst this will be my Erëtas stuff and my Ill Bethisad stuff on An tAonstát Éireann, amongst other things.

As God said: `sorry for the inconvenience'.

14 November 2001 17:06

(Relatively) Major changes to the site

After some internal dialogue, I've decided to remove any bit of a weblog on this site. Why? In short, it's too hard for me to manage the content when I'm dealing with static web pages like I have to here on eircom. Hell, I'd say nobody was reading the damned thing anyway so it's no loss anyway.

The whole keith-has-a-blog thing isn't completely dead yet. I recently found out that I still have an account with and I'm going to keep blogging there. Currently, the site looks like shit but when I come up with a half-decent design for the blasted thing it shouldn't look too bad.

If you're interested, the URL for the site is

The closest this page is going to be to a blog is as an update log for the site itself.

13 November 2001 5:27

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