The Kylemore Killer started off as a bit of a private joke among the gillies,
modified from a willy gunn waddinton, it started its progress several years
ago as a fly
to get down to fresh fish in strong flows and coloured water.Maybe due to skill,but more probably due to lazines it was left on for periods of lowwater,and found to catch very well,especially fresh run fish.On occasion it was the only fly catching fish, but it had no name so the gillies dubbed it the" KylemoreKiller". Best fished with a sinking line such as a Wetcell two, it is possibly a weight factor rather than a precise pattern that allows it to get down to the fish,making them more prone to having a go and the unforgiving sharpness of the Kamasan treble finishes the job. In the 2000 season about 30 percent of the salmon were caught on this fly. All of them were stolen.from me,so here is the tying to save me some work.It is very simple, but use the very best materials that you can get.Hooking success fades rapidly without the very sharpest trebles I only use Kamasan,despite the cost.Also it is also important not to over-dress the fly .


Following the photos on the left from top to bottom, take a size 8 Kamasan
treble and slide it onto the lower eye of a 1 1/4 inch waddington shaft, push
a short length of silicon rubber tube on to the shaft and down on the hook as
far as it will go. Do not make this piece too short or it will not work as it
should.Clamp the lower eye of the shaft in the vice. Tie in a length of
medium copper wire,run the tying silk to the other end of the waddington
shaft and tie in some yellow floss. Wind the floss down the shaft and
back again, tie it off, then wind the copper wire up to the same place
bringing the turns tighter together towards the head.Bringing
the turns closer serves to make the front of the fly heavier,which ballances
out the weight of the hook ,so the fly swims on a more even keel.
Take a pinch of yellow deer hai,r and the same amount of orange
and tie in behind the eye,it is important not to make this too bulky
or the head will look wrong.Next tie in five or six strand of crystal
hair or lureflash to add a bit of sparkle. The very tips of the longest
strands of deer hair should just protrude beyond the bend of the hook.
The crystal hair should be a little shorter.

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