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   Got a tripod! Now I can do nightshots... My hand is not the most stable thing in the world :-). So I'll probably update the photo album thing pretty soon.
   I'll start blogging on google's as equinoxel from now on :)
. 07-Jul-2004:
   Some news about some projects i'd like to do. Time is the key here...
   Also now I'm running experiments for my degree and the GA results look encouraging (extending the scope of the experiments now). It's one of the things taking a lot some time...
   Some news.
   After a long while where I was wondering on what would be the best way to have the web site designed, I finally managed to put something together. It's not flashy, but I hope it conveys the information well enough.
   Not many things are up on the site yet. Few bits about me and few photos (with thumbs and all).

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