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(Non-royal and overseas)

Some further yacht club crests from the collection (the Royal Yacht Squadron and royal yacht clubs are dealt with elsewhere).

The Bristol Channel Yacht Club, which was founded in 1875, sails out of Swansea. The Temple was founded in 1857 when it was sailing from Temple Steps on the Thames, it was granted the Royal prefix in 1897. The New Thames Yacht Club based at Gravesend was another Victorian foundation.

The Windermere Yacht Club was founded in 1860, becoming a royal club in Queen Victoria's jubilee year, 1887.



The Royal St George, Royal Irish and Royal Alfred yacht clubs were all based at Kingstown, south of Dublin, the ferry port now known as Dun Laoghaire. The blind stamped crest of the Royal Irish is the only one noted and has had to be manipulated to make it even partially visible! The Royal Cork Yacht Club has the distinction of the earliest foundation of any yacht club of the British Isles. Their regulations in 1720 spoke of the 'ancient rules and constitution of the club', pointing to an even earlier foundation.


There are now yacht clubs throughout the world. The Royal Bermuda, the third earliest of all Royal yacht clubs, was founded in 1844, largely by a group of British army officers then serving on the island, and became Royal the following year.


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The burgee of the Burnham Yacht Club.  

The Royal Natal sailed out of Durban.