Our book collection is organised by the Dewey Decimal Classification system. This is a system which organises books by grouping similar and related books together. It's aim is to arrange books in such a way that it will assist the user in locating books on the shelves. It is divided into ten main classes which are further divided into ten divisions and each division is divided into ten sections. DDC uses numerical notation, i.e. numbers which are placed on the spine of the book. It consists of three digits and a decimal point, after which more digits are usually added in order to classify the book as specifically as possible. The first digit indicates the main class, e.g. 6 refers to Technology (Applied Science). The second digit 610 refers to medical science, 620 for engineering and so on. The third digit indicates the section, e.g. 631 referring to specific techniques, 632 for plant injuries, etc. Below is an example of the system;


005    Computer software

510    Mathematics

620    AutoCad

658    Management/Marketing

674    Wood/Timber

700    Art (General)

741    Drawing

745    Design

749    Furniture

808    Writing skills





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