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Believed to be 1889 Wedding Photo of

Levy ZURBRICK (b. Jul 1861) & wife Caroline M. (b. Feb 1868)

Levy was son of Peter ZURBRICK (b. 1820) & Christina (nee ZURBRICK, b. 1832) who
were 1st cousins. His paternal grandparents were the immigrants Nickolaus ZURBRÜCK
& Maria Elisabetha GERBER.  His maternal grandparents were Georg ZURBRÜCK
& Elizabeth BURKHALTER.  So Levi must be very "Zurbrick-looking" since he had a
double-dose of Zurbrick DNA.  This appears to be taken in Falls City, Richardson co., NE.
Levi was living & farming there in 1900 with his brother William living next door.  Both
men married Nebraska-born women.  Levi was married about 1889, and this appears
to be the wedding photo.  (William was married in 1888 to Bertha M. __ .)  In 1910,
Levi was still in Falls City, NE (with children Anna C. & Lloyd), but William lived
elsewhere by then.  Levy's descendants lived around Kansas City for some time.

Contributed by Sean Zurbrick of Ohio.

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