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Many thanks to distant cousin Pierre Balliet of Nancy, France for providing
a large amount of information on the Zurbrück ancestors in Alsace-Lorraine!


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Research note:  if you look on the 1850, 1860 & 1870 Cheektowaga census,
the ZURBRICKs are mostly recorded with the spelling "SHUBRICK" or "SHURBICK" !!
(The name was pronounced like "Tsoor-brick", which may have caused confusion.)
The name has also been misspelled as "ZERBRECK" and even "BURBIRCK" !!
Try all spelling variations !

[Zurbrick is the most common surname in this cemetery!]
This list began with info from photographs taken in early 1998 by a very kind lady
named Pam Davis.  She spent a couple of hours searching for Zurbricks there for me.
Since 1998, the list has had some major updates, using records from descendants,
town clerks, online census images, the Cemetery Association & church parish records.
See also the Surnames page to access more info on individuals.
See the Zurbrick Family Tree Diagram to get an overview of the relationships.
Let me know if you see any errors or if you have additions.
Generally we have only been able to list the Zurbrick males in the cemetery,
because the Zurbrick-born females are listed under their married names.  In reality,
there are many more Zurbricks in this cemetery, if the women are counted.
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Lancaster cemetery is located on the south side of Cemetery Rd., between Broadway (Rt. 20) and Erie Streets.
The names are grouped to show family relationships, as they were on one stone or side-by-side.
The " + "  means one gravestone (with one or more names); also means that a photo exists of the stone (scans available).
The " * "  means the info came from Cheektowaga vital records or other sources, like burial records.
Typist's comments & additions in [ ].



+  ZURBRICK      Ph. [Philip]  born Aug. 20, 1815 died May 15, 1888.  [Photo of gravestone]
                                   [Additional info from Cheektowaga death records:  Philip was age 72y-8m-25d at
                                    death; occupation was miller & farmer; birthplace Germany; resided here 58 yrs.;
                                    father was Nicholas ZURBRICK of Germany; mother was "Margaret" ZURBRICK of
                                    Germany, but should be Maria Elisabeth; death was from typhoid fever, lasting 8 days.]
    ZURBRICK     Fanny [Veronica GEKELER]   his wife 1826 - 1905.
                                    [Died or buried on 8-19-1905, age 78; b. 20 Sep 1826.]
    ZURBRICK     Emily H. 1901-1989.  [died/was buried on 4-2-1989, aged 88; grandchild of Philip & Fanny ZURBRICK;
                                           dau of Albert & Matilda SOMMER ZURBRICK.  Emily Harriet b. 1 Feb 1901.]
    ZURBRICK     Daniel son of Philip & Fanny ZURBRICK died Sep. 4, 1864 ae 1yr 2mo 5da.
    ZURBRICK     Albert 1859-1934.  Burial records say he died/was buried on 11-7-1934, aged 75; b.17 Aug 1859.
    ZURBRICK     His wife Matilda Agnes [SOMMER] 1865-1953  [died/was buried on 4-10-1953, aged 88.]
    ZURBRICK     Daughter Helen V. 1893-1894.  [Note: Helen Veronica  d. 10-16-1894, age 1 & was b. 5-27-1893.]
                    * [1. Cheektowaga marriage records show marriage of Albert ZURBRICK on
                            May 18,1892  to Mathilda A. SOMMER, age 28, daughter of Louis W. SOMMER
                            & Elizabeth M. BRANLIN/BRAULIN.  Albert, a miller, age 33, was son of Philip
                            ZURBRICK & Fannie GEKELER.
                        2. Cheektowaga birth records show an unnamed female baby being born on
                            May 27, 1893 to Albert ZURBRICK - a miller, age 36, b. Cheektowaga & his wife
                            "Tillie" SOMMER - age 32, b. US.  It was their first child, probably Helen Veronica (from family info).
                        3. Cheektowaga birth records show Ansley Albert ZURBRICK born Jan. 17, 1898 to
                          Matilda ("SUMMERS") Zurbrick, 32, b. Cheektowaga, and to Albert ZURBRICK,
                            flour miller, 39, b. Cheektowaga.  They had 3 children previous to Ansley, with
                            2 still living in 1898.]

*   ZURBRICK     Dorothy     died/was buried on 9-6-1927, age 78;  [b. 15 Mar 1849]
                                               - daughter of Philip ZURBRICK & Fanny GEKELER; was aka Dora.

+  ZURBRICK     Ansley A.  1898-1974.  [burial records say he died/was buried on 1-14-1974, aged 75.]
                                              - born 1-17-1898, son of Albert & Matilda (SOMMER) ZURBRICK.
                                                Buried (with matching stones) next to...
+  ZURBRICK     Irene L.     1900-1993.  [burial records say she died/was buried on 2-3-1993, aged 92.]
                                              - born 13 Oct 1900, maiden name Irene LARKIN - wife of Ansley.

*  ZURBRICK     Agnes        died/was buried 12-2-1965, age 71;  [b. 31 Oct 1894]
                                              - daughter of Albert & Matilda (SOMMER) ZURBRICK.

*  ZURBRICK     Irwin A.     died/was buried on 5-18-1975, age 92;  (b. Dec 1882)
                                              - grandson of Philip & Fanny ZURBRICK,
                                                  and son of Phillip ZURBRICK II & Anna WAGNER.

*  ZURBRICK      Anna          died/was buried on 6-4-1952, age 90;     [b. July 1861 as Anna WAGNER]
                                            - wife of  Philip Zurbrick II who was son of Philip and Fanny ZURBRICK.
*  ZURBRICK      Philip (II)    died/was buried on  8-14-1937, age 84, from burial records;   [b. Dec 1852]
                                                - son of Philip ZURBRICK and Fanny GEKELER, above, but other
                                                  sources say their son Philip II was b. 25 Dec 1852/53 and d. 4 July 1952, aged 99.

Additional Genealogy --  Philip ZURBRICK Sr. first married Catherine GEKELER & had Dorothy ZURBRICK; then Catherine died at age 21 & he married the sister of Catherine, Veronica (Fanny) GEKELER and had children:  Anna Maria (MARQUART), Phillip II, Catherine (KNOCHE), Franklin, Caroline (HUMMEL), Albert & Daniel.  See Surnames Page.


*  ZURBRICK      George       died in 185_, age ?

+  ZURBRICK     Peter        born July 10, 1820 died Sept. 22, 1907.  [Gravestone photo] [Photo of Peter & Christina]
                                           [Peter was son of Nickolaus Zurbrick b. 1780 & Maria Elisabetha Gerber b. 1785.]
    ZURBRICK     Christina   his wife born Mar. 2, 1832 died May 22, 1874. (from gravestone)  [She was first cousin of
                                            her husband Peter; we know that Christina Zurbrick, dau of Georg Zurbrück & Elizabeth
                                            Burkhalter, was b. 2 Mar 1832 in Hangviller, Lorraine, France.]
    ZURBRICK     Henry N.  born Dec. 11, 1854 died Aug. 8, 1875, age 20.
    ZURBRICK     Edwin      1866-1933 [b. Mar. 1866, died/ buried 8-21-1933, aged 67; he was an undertaker.  He
                                            never married & lived with his sister Elizabeth for a long time.  In 1910 his sister Anna
                                            & her husband John Gram were living with them.  They must have been the ones to form
                                            the Zurbrick, Knauber & Gram undertakers on Main St. in Lancaster, NY.  See photo.]
    ZURBRICK     Elizabeth  1863-1934.  ["Lizzie" b. May 1863, died 1-14-1934, aged 70] - lived with brother Edwin.
    ZURBRICK     Geo. P.    born July 2, 1853, died Feb. 25, 1924 - married twice (wives below).
    ZURBRICK     Caroline  (or Carolyn or Carrie) [MARQUART] his wife born Apr. 9, 1854,  died Sept. 24, 1888/89.
                              - mother of Alice, Myron and Lottie ZURBRICK with Geo. P.
    ZURBRICK     Ellen L. [GREEN]* his wife born Nov. 5, 1853 died Aug. 18, 1908.
                              - mother of Raymond/Roy G., Elmer P. and Howard W. with Geo. P. ZURBRICK.
                     * [1. Cheektowaga marriage  records show marriage of George P. ZURBRICK on
                            Jan. 29,1890 to Ellen L. GREEN, age 37, b. Royalton, VT, daughter of
                            Warner D. GREEN &   Margaret CLAPP.  Geo. P. ZURBRICK was a dealer in
                            cattle, age 37, b. Cheektowaga, son of Peter ZURBRICK & Christina ZURBRICK.
                            This marriage occurred after Ellen gave birth to an unnamed son ZURBRICK on
                            Jan. 4, 1890.  Father was listed as George ZURBRICK & the birth was
                            officially registered on Feb. 14, 1890.
                            A month later, on Feb. 26, 1890, George's sister Maria ZURBRICK, age 22,
                            b. Cheektowaga, married Karl MARQUART, 28, farmer, b. Lancaster, NY, son of
                            Ludwig MARQUART and Dorethea FAETTI.
                            A year later, on Feb. 11, 1891, Herbert Haywood GREEN, farmer, age 28, brother of
                            Ellen GREEN, was married to Catharine M. REUTHER, age 21, b. Cheektowaga,
                           daughter of Louis P. REUTHER & Louisa A. MAN.
                       2.  Cheektowaga birth records show unnamed "ZUBRICK" male b. Jan. 4, 1890 to
                           "Ellen" GREEN, 37, b. PA (?) and Geo. "ZUBRICK", farmer, 37, b. NY.
                       3.  Cheektowaga birth records show Howard Warner ZURBRICK born Aug. 21, 1892 to
                           "Ellen" GREEN, 38, b. Royalton,VT - and George ZURBRICK, 39, farmer,
                            b. Cheektowaga.
                       4.  Cheektowaga birth records show an Elmer P. ZURBRICK was born Sep. 29, 1893
                            to "Nellie" GREEN & George ZURBRICK, both age 40.  Nellie/Ellen was born in
                            Royalton, VT in 1853; George was born in Cheektowaga.  Before Elmer, this couple
                            had 3 children and all were living in 1893.]

*  ZURBRICK      Elmer Peter  died/was buried on 11-17-1970, age 77;  b. Sep 29, 1893.
                                            - son of George P. & Ellen (GREEN) ZURBRICK.
*  ZURBRICK      Edith        died 5-15-1986, age 70(?);  wife of Elmer P., above.
                                           [other records give her birthdate as Oct 4, 1905 & her age at death as 80.]
                                            - Formerly Edith KJELDGAARD, dau of Andrew & Louise.
*  ZURBRICK      George J.  died 1-7-1996, age 64;   [another source gives his name as "George R." and his death date
                                                as 1-7-1997, age 64, and birthdate as Dec. 1832]
                                            -  son of Elmer P. & Edith (KJELDGAARD) ZURBRICK.

+  ZURBRICK     Howard W. 1892 - 1961 (with Masons symbol).
                                            [Howard Warner ZURBRICK, b. Aug. 21, 1892 to  George ZURBRICK
                                            & Nellie/Ellen GREEN...see above.  Burial records say he died/was buried on
                                             3-11-1961, age 68]
    ZURBRICK     Leela G.     1895-1979  [Burial records say she died/was buried on 4-23-1979.]
                                            (Eastern Star symbol).
                                            - Leeila RUPRECHT, b. Feb. 1, 1895.

*  ZURBRICK     Roy [Ray] George  died/was buried on 4-23-1947, 56;  [b. 4 Jan 1890]
                                             - some sources call him Raymond George.
                                             - was son of George P. & Ellen (GREEN) ZURBRICK.
*  ZURBRICK     Ida M.      died/was buried on 11-5-1979, 87;  (b. 7 Apr 1892)
                                             - was born Ida EISS, wife of Raymond G. (aka Roy) ZURBRICK.

+  ZURBRICK     Myron H.    1883 - 1935  [burial records say he died/was buried on 7-8-1935, aged 52; b. Jan 1883.]
                                             (Masons symbol).  Son of George P. & Caroline (MARQUART) ZURBRICK.   Next to...
+  ZURBRICK     Lena M.      1888 - 1966.  [born Lena STOETZEL, dau of Henry & Kate STETZEL]
                                               - census of 1900 says she was born Mar 1889; wife of Myron ZURBRICK.

Additional Genealogy:  Peter ZURBRICK & Christina ZURBRICK had children -- George P., Henry N. (d. age 20),
Levi (m. in Nebraska to Caroline M.  ), Anna L. (Mrs. John GRAM), Edwin (never married), Mary/Maria (Mrs. Karl MARQUART), William (married in Nebraska to Bertha), & Elizabeth (never married).  In 1880, George P. & his 1st wife Caroline (MARQUART) were living in the house of [Johan] Nickolas ZURBRICK (b.1808) who lived next door to Peter ZURBRICK - Johan Nickolas was brother of Peter.  See Surnames Page.

        [some church records courtesy of Karen Thompson]

ZURBRICK     Nickolaus    d. March 1, 1844, aged 63yr, 4mo, 26days,  in Cheektowaga - from gravestone.
                                        Gravestone says he was born in "Pfalzweier", Canton Lützelstein, Frankreich (France).
                                        [believe he was b. 5 Sep 1780, from French parish records; gravestone age
                                         at death is slightly wrong (1 month too young)]   [See Photo of Plot] [See Nick's stone]
                                        Buried in Row 24 of the Old Graves Section with his brother George & their wives.
                                   [Nickolaus & George are sons of Michael ZURBRÜCK, linen weaver.]
    ZURBRICK      Maria Elisabeth (GERBER) b. 25 Aug 1785 in "Hangenweiler" [Hangviller]  [See gravestone]
                                        wife of Nicolaus ZURBRICK, d. 28 July 1868  [other source says d. 18 July 1867.]
                        Next to......
    ZURBRICK      George Sr.  [brother of Nickolaus], b. 12 Apr 1787 in Pfalzweyer, France, d. 21 Sept. 1850.
+  ZURBRICK      Elizabeth     died Mar. 18, 1880 at the age of 86, of heart problems, in Cheektowaga (burial record).
                                       [This matches Eva Elizabeth BURKHALTER, wife of George ZURBRICK Sr..
                                        She was born in Hangviller, Lorraine, France on 19 Jun 1793; m. 1 July 1813 in Hangviller.]
                                        Gravestone says she was born 21 July 1793 (baptismal date) & died 18 Mar 1880.
                                        [See gravestone of Eva Elizabeth Burkhalter Zurbrick.]

ZURBRICK      J.(Johan) Nickolus, b. Mar. 7, 1808, d. Dec. 27, 1893 - son of Nickolaus b. 1780.
                                       [burial record shows "Nicholas" buried Dec. 30, 1893, age 85]
                                       [Church record, St. Peter's Evangelical & Reformed Church, Erie co.:
                                        "Johan Nickolas Zurbruck I b.7 Mar 1808 in Pfalzweiler, Dept. NiederRhein, Frankreich,
                                         m. Susanna Dorothea KIENTZ  b.25 Aug 1818 & m. 30 May 1841."]
    ZURBRICK       S. (Susanna) Dorothea  his wife   born Aug. 25, 1818, died Oct. 30, 1893.
                                       [burial record shows "Susan" buried Nov. 1, 1893, aged 75.
                                       Census records show "Nicholas" with wife "Susan D." - the ages match this gravestone.
                                      J. Nickolus is the son of Nickolaus, b. 1780 (above), & brother of
                                      Michael, b. 1810.  This couple was found on the census living next door to
                                      Michael's widow (Saloma /Sallie Zurbrick) for years.]


ZURBRICK,   Nicholaus      [Church records show another Nicholas b. 1819 with wife Catherine;
                                                    there seem to be 2 Nicholas Zurbricks b. 1819 with wives named Catharine:
                                   "Johan Nicholaus ZURBRICK the 3rd from Hangenweiler, Frankreich b. 21 Dec 1819,
                                                  m. Catherine GOTTLIEB on 25 Oct 1847.
                                                  Children: Catherina 28 Mar 1848;
                                                                Barbara 11 Sep 1849;
                                                                Christina 5 Jul 1851;
                                                                Johan Nicholaus 15 Mar 1853."]
                              Note:  This seems to be the same as the couple below.  The child Barbara
                                                  mentioned above is probably the same as Caroline (b. 1849) on other records.
                                                  The son Johan Nicholaus b. 1853 probably died c. 1854.
                                                  Then John G. was born in 1855.  There is evidence that Nicholaus & Catharine had
                                                   9 children total.  [from Karen Thompson & Mrs. Herbert Zurbrick.]

ZURBRICK      Nickolas  died May 15, 1890, aged 71y-4m-17d.    [b. Dec. 1819] - same as above Nickolas.
                                      [Cheektowaga death records show he was a farmer, born in Germany, resided in
                                       Cheektowaga for 45 yrs. (at least since 1844), son of  Michael ZURBRICK & wife
                                       Margret ZURBRICK, both of Germany.  Nickolas died of chronic bronchitis & heart
                                       trouble lasting 4 years.  Born in Dec. 1819, he was most likely grandson of
                                       Michael ZURBRUCK Sr., linen weaver, & Barbara HÜGEL of Pfalzweyer, France.
                                       This Nickolas was a nephew of the original immigrant Nickolaus b. 1780, & the family
                                       lore is that Nickolaus b. 1780 came over with at least one nephew.]
*  ZURBRICK       Katherine   died/was buried on  3-3-1906, age 83;  [b. abt 1823] = nee Katharine GOTTLIEB,
                                       from church records.  (the idea that she was Catharine LANG has now been discounted.)
                                       (from Karen Thompson & Larry Zurbrick)
                              Nickolas and Catharine had a daughter Sarah ZURBRICK, b. abt. 1865 (from census).
                              More on this family:
*  ZURBRICK       Nicholas - info from 1870 Cheektowaga Census.  [he was b. about 1820, per census]
                              As written in the census:
                           "SHUBRICK", Nicholas, age 50, Farming, b. France (parents foreign-born)
                              (1 US citizen in household over 21 yrs. - must be Nicholas was naturalized)
                              ________  , Hata /Kata (?) - (Kate), age 47, b. France  [was Katherine GOTTLIEB.]
                              ________  , Christian (male), age 18, farm work, b. NY  [b. abt 1852]
                              ________  , John, age 15, at school, b. NY                     [b. abt 1855]
                              ________  , Louisa, age 13, at school, b. NY         [b. abt 1856 or 1857]
                              ________  , Samuel, age 11, at school, b. NY        [b. abt 1859]
                              ________  , Emma, age 9, at school, b. NY           [b. abt 1861]
                              ________  , Sarah, age 6, at home, b. NY             [b. abt 1864]
*  ZURBRICK     Daughter   died/was buried on 9-1-1870, age 14;    [b. abt 1856] = Louisa, dau of Nicholas.
+  ZURBRICK     Sarah  died July 28, 1938.  [burial records say she was age 73;  (b. abt 1865)]  Buried next to...
+  ZURBRICK     Alice E.   1883-196_.   [burial records say she died/was buried 4-3-1962, age 78.]
                            John on this census above is a match for this burial record:
+  ZURBRICK     John G.  1855-1912.  [cem. records say he died/was buried 8-8-1913, aged 57] = son of Nicholas.
    ZURBRICK    Elizabeth W. his wife 1855-1930. [nee WEYERHAUSER /WEIERSHEISER,
                            died/was buried 2-18-1930, aged 74.]  John & Elizabeth had 8 children.
[Additional genealogy notes for John G.:  children of John G. & Elizabeth were Frank Nelson (b.4-26-1881), Alice Edna (b.May 1883), Lillian Harriet (b.8-7-1884), Arthur John (b.10-1-1887), Herbert Henry (b.2-13-1890), Lucy Elizabeth (7-5-1892), Earl Alan (b.11-7-1895 or 1898), & Olive Elsie (b.3-4-1902) - from Larry Zurbrick.]
*  ZURBRICK     Earl A.   died/was buried on 11-4-1977, age 81;    [b. abt 1896] - from burial record.
                                           = Earl Allen, son of John G. ZURBRICK. Earl b. 17 Nov 1895, d. 4 Nov 1978.
                                              [had a son Herbert H. ZURBRICK, d. 2-2-2000, named after Earl's brother.]
*  ZURBRICK     Ethel E.  died/was buried in Lancaster cem. on 11-9-1978, age 80;    [b. abt 1898]
                                           = wife of Earl A. ZURBRICK; she was formerly Ethel WATCHHORN.
+  ZURBRICK     Herbert H.  b. Feb. 13, 1898 [1890?], d. Sep. 22, 1982;  buried in Block J, Lot 72, Grave 3
                                              - son of John G.; resided at West Seneca, NY.
*  ZURBRICK     Frances C. [SCHULTZ] d. Jan. 23, 1985, aged 88; dau of Martin SCHULTZ, 1876-1966,
                                              & Clara  PHILLIPS.  Frances & Herbert had a son Charles H. ZURBRICK
                                              (adopted) who died before 1985, according to an obit.
*  ZURBRICK     Charles       burial records say he died/was buried on 5-20-1966, aged 37, so born abt 1929.
                                              - this is Charles H., the adopted son of Herbert H. & Frances C. ZURBRICK.


+ ZURBRICK     Nickolaus  died May 29, 1886 aged 67y-75d.        [b. March 1819]
                                        [Cheektowaga death records show that Nickolas was a farmer, born in Germany,
                                        son of George ZURBRICK & Elizabeth BURKHALTER.]
    ZURBRICK     Catherine  died Sep. 10, 1897 agd 69y-8m-5days. - same stone as Nickolaus.  [though the gravestone
                            implies her birthdate was 5 Jan 1828, it does not agree with a church death record that says
                            she was born 5 Jan 1824 & died 10 Sep 1893 age 69y-8m-5d, the widow of Nicol. ZURBRÜCK
                            who died 1886.  We know she was the first cousin of her husband, since a church record gave her
                            maiden name as Zurbrick & we know that Catharine ZURBRÜCK, dau of Nickolas ZURBRÜCK
                            & Maria Elisabetha GERBER was baptised in Alsace-Lorraine records on 6 Jan 1824 - exact match.]
                            This couple had children Peter, b. 13 Jul 1850; Johan Adam (1852-1854, from church records),
                             Elizabeth, b. c1856; and Charles, b. c1850 (from census).
*  ZURBRICK      Child          died/was buried on 10-25-1854, age ? -- is probably Johan Adam, son of Nickolaus.
                            [St. Peter's Evangelical & Reformed Church records:
                             "Johan Nickolas Zurbruck, the second, from Hagenweiler, Alsace [= Hangviller, FR]
                              b. 14 May 1819, m. Catherine Zurbruck b.1825, m. 26 Oct 1848
                             Children: Peter b. 13 Jul 1850;  Johan Adam b. 19 Mar 1852, d. 1854."]


ZURBRICK     Nicholas ?  died/was buried on 9-12-1893, aged 69;    [b. abt 1824]  - from burial records.
                             [Note:  I have no Nicholas /Nickolaus that matches these dates.  BUT I do have Catharine
                             Zurbrick b. 1824 who died on 10 Sep 1893 (per church records).  Catharine (nee Zurbrick)
                             was the widow of Nickolas Zurbrick, 1819-1886.  (see above) So I think this record is wrong
                             and should read "Catharine ZURBRICK, widow of Nicholas ZURBRICK, buried on
                             12 Sep 1893, age 69".  That would fit perfectly with church records, etc.]


ZURBRICK     Nicholas  died/was buried on 12-30-1914, aged 71;  [b. abt 1843 in NY; his parents b. in Alsace.]
                                 - grandson of George Zurbrück & Elizabeth Burkhalter; AKA Leander Zurbrick.
                                 - his wife was Lucy (b. abt 1855); his dau was Edith (b. 1878 or 1879) - from 1880 census.
                                 - in 1880 was living with 3 generations of KEIFERS:  John (80), Nicholas (42) & George (13).
                                 - wife Lucy is possible match of Lucy Jane burial record, below, buried with Orrin & Walter.
                                 - Leander ZURBRICK, b. Aug. 1843, with dau Edith, b. July 1878 (1900 census), is probably
                                   the same person as Nicholas; Leander was widowed before 1900 &
                                   Lucy Jane died in 1894, so it all fits.  Nicholas /Leander was son of George & Mary.
                                 - newborn Orrin, likely son of Nicholas, was not on 1880 census in Nicholas /Leander's house.

+  ZURBRICK     Orrin D.     born Jan. 25, 1880; died July 3, 1892; buried 7-5-1892, age 11.
     On same stone as...
    ZURBRICK     Walter L.   born Feb. 15, 1883 died Mar. 22, 1883.
    The above stone was paired with a matching stone with:
+  ZURBRICK     Lucy Jane  born Dec. 8, 1855 died Mar. 14, 1894, aged 39.  [buried 3-16-1894]
                                             [possibly the wife of Nicholas /Leander b. 1843, above.]
*  ZURBRICK      Edith         died/was buried on 10-10-1926, age 46  [b. about 1880]
                                             [- Edith was possibly daughter of Nicholas & Lucy, above,
                                              or dau of Leander Zurbrick (b. Aug.1843) who also had a dau Edith about this age.
                                              But Nicholas & Leander are probably the same - ie. Nicholas Leander.]


+  ZURBRICK     John  1840-1909.  Cem. records say he died Mar. 6, 1909, but family records say he died Apr. 7, 1909.
                                       - John was son of Michael ZURBRICK Sr. & Saloma DIEFFENBACH, below.
    ZURBRICK    Melissa [STEVENS] his wife 1851-1902.
                                                To the right of this stone is...
+  KEENAN        Florence [ZURBRICK], wife of  Thomas KEENAN, 1888-1918.  Cem. records say she died
                                                in Cleveland, Ohio on Dec. 4, 1918 at age 30.  To the right of this stone...
+  ZURBRICK     Estella M.  died Nov. 13, 1921.  Cem. records say she died of tetanus in
                                               Buffalo, NY on Nov. 14, 1921, age 44.  To the right of this stone is....
+  WALTERS      Howard W., DDS   1902-1953   (Masons symbol).   [Probably the son of
                                               Frances (Fannie) ZURBRICK WALTERS, a daughter of John.]
                                               To the right of this stone is...
+  STEVENS        Fannie  1853-1916.
                                              [Note:  Florence & Estella are daughters of John & Melissa.  Fannie STEVENS
                                               is likely related to Melissa ZURBRICK above, whose maiden name was STEVENS.]
+  ZURBRICK     Mich'l [Michael]   Co. G  21st  NY Inf.    [b. 1841, d. May 16, 1883]
                                              A metal star with "GAR" - Grand Army of the Republic - was next to the stone.
                                              Cem. records say he died of  dropsy in Buffalo, NY at age 41.
                                              [He was brother of John ZURBRICK & had no known children; son of Michael Sr.]

*  ZURBRICK      Michael  (Sr.) died June 9, 1848 in Cheektowaga, NY.  [from burial records.] - aged 38
                                       [Family records give cause of death as an accident with a horse and wagon & birthdate = 1810.]
                                      Buried in Line 25 of the Old Section with 2 unidentifiable ZURBRICKS, and his wife:
*  ZURBRICK      Saloma  ("Sally")  died Nov. 6, 1897 age 90, of  heart problems, in Depew, NY
                                       [from burial records, since stone was not easily found.]

Additional Genealogy:  John ZURBRICK & Melissa STEVENS had children - John Louis b.1873; Melissa Estella b. 1875; Ida Belle b. 1877 (Mrs. Alec PATTENDEN), Frances Andella (Fanny) b. 1881 (Mrs. WALTERS); Lucy Anna b. 1883; Harriet b. 1886 (Mrs. SCHLEGEL); and Florence b. 1888 (Mrs. Thomas KEENAN).  See Surnames Page.


                           "Father and Mother ZURBRICK"
+  ZURBRICK     Henry   Co. C [should be G], 6th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf.
                                         born Mar. 30, 1837 died Aug. 3, 1903, age 65.  [Photo of gravestone]
                                         - Henry was son of Michael Sr. & Saloma (DIFFENBACH) ZURBRICK.
    ZURBRICK     Mary      "In memory of Mary R./A. wife of Henry ZURBRICK born Jan. 12, 1844
                                         died  Dec. 20, 1887." [Mary = Mary STEVENS KELLY ZURBRICK]
                                         - Mary was sister of Melissa STEVENS who married Henry's brother John ZURBRICK, above.

+  ZURBRICK    "Father" William S. 1870-1931. [Died/was buried on 10-29-1931, aged 61.]    (Masons symbol.)
                                        - son of Henry & Mary; b. 8 Oct 1870, Elizabethtown, Hamilton co., Ohio
                           "Mother" Margaret E. 1875-1954.  [Margaret BIERMA, wife of Wm, b. in Buffalo, NY.]
                                        - burial records say she died/was buried 2-20-1954, aged 75.

+  ZURBRICK     Henry W.  "Father"  1894-1929.  Burial records say he died/was buried on 6-15-1929, aged 35.
                                          - doesn't appear to be husband of Margaret "MARKEY" below, but her brother.
                                          - son of William S. ZURBRICK and Margaret BIERMA; married Julie CORCORAN.
                                          - had children William Henry and Margaret Rita ZURBRICK.
                                 Henry's stone next to...
+  MARKEY        Margaret   [ZURBRICK] "Mother"   1895-1977.  Stone clearly shows her name as "MARKEY", but
                                          other records say she was wife of Edwin MACKEY & sister of Henry W. ZURBRICK.
                                          - daughter of Wm. S. & Margaret (BIERMA) ZURBRICK;
                                          - grandaughter of Henry ZURBRICK & Mary STEVENS.

*   ZURBRICK     Jessie  died/was buried on 5-8-1938, aged 66; born abt 1872.
                                          - 2nd wife of Mahlon ZURBRICK who was son of Henry ZURBRICK.

*   ZURBRICK    Gordon A.  (Sr.)  died/was buried on 5-11-1966, aged 66;  (born in 1900)
                                           - son of Mahlon & Jessie ZURBRICK; grandson of Henry ZURBRICK.
*   ZURBRICK    Edna Maria  died/was buried on 3-7-1983, aged 78;  (born abt 1905)
                                           - wife of Gordon Allen ZURBRICK = Edna Marie (NEAR) HUNTLEY.
*   ZURBRICK    Gordon A.  died/was buried on 12-5-1925, age 1yr; (b. 1924)
                                           - son of Gordon Allen ZURBRICK Sr.
*   ZURBRICK    James D.    died/was buried on 8-22-1992, age ?
                                           - son of Gordon Allen ZURBRICK Sr. & Edna Marie.
*   ZURBRICK    Robert A.   died/was buried on 8-10-1947, age 16;  (b. abt 1931)
                                           - son of Gordon Z. Sr. & Edna Marie.

+  KELLY           Louis N.  186_ -- 19__.
                           Mary A. C. ELY  1871--193_.  (difficult to read numbers.)
                               [Note:   Louis Kelly was son of  Mary STEVENS, who was previously married to
                               George KELLY, father of Louis.  Henry ZURBRICK b.1837, above, was step-father of Louis.
                               Mary ELY was reportedly related to Elder Wm. BREWSTER of the Mayflower.]

Additional Genealogy:  Henry ZURBRICK b.1837 & Mary STEVENS had children - Emma b. 1866 (Mrs. Jacob LININGER); Mahlon b. 1868; William S. b. 1870; Lillian b. 1874 (Mrs. Edmond BULLET); and Warren b. 1883.  See Surnames Page.


    Has a tall stone with the two surnames, and the individual matching stones in a
    row on either side.  From left to  right:
+  WALTER        Olivene    1883-1924.
+  WALTER        Lucy A.  1857-1936.  [maiden name ZURBRICK; wife of Frederick WALTER.]
                                 - Lucy was daughter of Mary & George ZURBRICK buried in this plot.
                                 - Lucy & Fred had a daughter Olie J. (Olivene) b. Jul 1885, according to census.
+  WALTER        Fred        1855-1938.
    (Center tall stone positioned here) 
+  ZURBRICK     Mary      1818-1906.  [b. Aug. 1817 per census; living with Fred & Lucy in 1900, age 82]
                                           [possibly "Maria Zurbrick, died/buried 1-1-1906, aged 83" in burial records, possibly
                                            with slightly wrong age?  Mary was b. in Pennsylvania.]
+  ZURBRICK     George    1814-1875.   [died/was buried 5-10-1875, age 60, from burial record].
                                           [George is son of George ZURBRICK Sr. & Elizabeth BURKHALTER]

Additional Genealogy:  In addition to their daughter Lucy Ann Zurbrick Walter, above, George & Mary are
the parents of: George, b. 1839, John, b. 1841, Nicholas, b. c1843/44, Jacob Zurbrick, b. 1845 (see below)
(from 1855, 1860 & 1870 Lancaster census).
George III, b. 1839, must be a match for this Lancaster cem. burial record:
+  ZURBRICK     Geo.     born June 5, 1839 died May 15, 1886, age 46.  [Photo of gravestone]
    ZURBRICK     Louisa  born Dec. 29, 1839 died Mar. 6, 1887.  They lived in Alden, Erie co., NY.
    ZURBRICK     Albert G.    (son of George & Louisa ZURBRICK) born July 7, 1853 died Apr. 20, 1864.
                                           [Note:  LDS record says George ZURBRICK, b. Jun. 5, 1839, married
                                           "Louise" KELLER in Pennsylvania - film 962005, p. 542, ref. 11378]
                                           [George and Louise /Louisa had another son Wm. Warren, b. 14 Feb 1866.]
John's age matches the details of the following Lancaster cem. burial record:
*  ZURBRICK      John              died/was buried on 8-31-1915, age 73;   [b. Oct 1841]  his wife was...
*  ZURBRICK      Olive Maria   died/was buried on 3-24-1931, age 83     ["Olie"  b. Aug 1847]
                                                 - they lived on E. Main St., Lancaster, NY & had one child only,
                                                   Mattie [Martha] b. 1875 (from census).
                                                 - born Olive M. PECKHAM, dau of Thomas PECKHAM (b. 1802, Vermont)
                                                 - Thomas lived with them in 1880.


+  ZURBRICK     Jacob          1845-1924.  [cem. records say he died/was buried 1-18-1924, aged 78.
                                                [Photo of gravestone]  [son of George & Mary above, which we know
                                                from the 1860 census.]
    ZURBRICK     Catharine     his wife  1850-1925.   [cem. records say she died/was buried 10-23-1925, aged 76.]
                                               = Kate LATCHER /LATSCHAR [dau of Frank /Franz LATSCHAR (b. 1808, Bavaria)
                                                 & Catherine ___ (b. Oct 1822, Alsace) - from census info.]
                                                Other side of Jacob Zurbrick stone reads: Franz LATSCHAR 1808 - 1880
                                                     and his wife Katharine 1822 - 1906.

+  ZURBRICK     Herbert W.  1889-1948.  [burial records say he died/was buried on 5-31-1948, aged 58.]
                                                - son of Jacob & Catherine ZURBRICK (from 1900 census).
                            Anna C.      1884-1957.      [burial records say she died/was buried on 7-10-1957, aged 73.]

+  ZURBRICK     Edward L.    1876-1957.   died/was buried 5-24-1957, aged 77.
                                               - He was Edward Leander, son of Jacob ZURBRICK & Catherine (Kate LATCHER).
                            Anna L.       1878-1945.   died/was buried 9-11-1945, aged 67, wife of Edward L. ZURBRICK.
                                                 - she was born Jun 1878, aka Anna L. MARTIN APPEL (APPEL=adoptive name).
                            Laura A.      1906-1989.  [burial records say died/was buried 3-24-1989, aged 82]
                                                 - she was daughter of Edward L. & Anna L. ZURBRICK.

+  ZURBRICK     Elmer E.     New York  Pfc Btry C 553 AAA BN - WWII;  b. Dec. 19, 1908, d. May 10, 1967.
                                              - reportedly was married to Geralda MONNIN, with sons Edward & John ZURBRICK.
                                              [Elmer was son of Edward Leander Zurbrick & grandson of Jacob Zurbrick.]
+  ZURBRICK     Emily H.     1901-1989.  possible wife of Elmer E.- buried next to him with matching stone.

+  ZURBRICK     Arthur F.    1901-1960.  [burial records say he died/was buried 4-2-1960, aged 59.]
                                                - possibly son of Edward Leander ZURBRICK and Anna L. MARTIN APPEL.
                            Viola M.     1900-1953.  [died/was buried 7-29-1953, aged 52; "Viola Roll Zurbrick" in burial records.]
                                                -  wife of Arthur F.  (he also had a sister Viola).

*  ZURBRICK     Martin        died/was buried on  4-10-1969, aged 65;  (b. abt 1904)
                                               - probably son of Edward Leander ZURBRICK and his wife Anna L. MARTIN.
                                               - probably grandson of Jacob ZURBRICK [Martin was involved in the Jacob Z. Reunion.]
*  ZURBRICK      Ethel          died/was buried on  9-22-1973, age 66;   [b. abt 1907]
                                               - family research shows that she was b. 18 Dec. 1906 & had a dau Bev LUBI.

+  ZURBRICK     Irene A.     1980.    [burial records say she died/was buried 12-21-1980, aged 82; b. abt 1898]
                            Roy L.       1962.    [burial records say "Roy J." died/was buried 2-2-1962, aged 60; b. abt 1901.]
                                              - Edward Leander ZURBRICK had a son Roy about this age, so he's likely the same Roy.

+  ZURBRICK     Frank         1870 -1946, Section C, lot 46W.
                                             [burial records show a Frank who died/was buried on 9-10-1946, age 75, so b. abt 1870-71]
                                              - Jacob ZURBRICK had a son Frank of this age, so this is likely the same Frank.
                                              - Frank was confirmed as son of Jacob by Elaine Cheney (descendant).
                                              Frank was next to...
+  ZURBRICK     Mary          1871 - 1951, wife of Frank, Section C, lot 46W.
                                              [burial records show a Mary who died/was buried 5-6-1951, age 79; so b. abt 1872]
+  ZURBRICK     Esther        1904-1911. [cem records say she died/was buried 7-20-1911, age 7]
                                              - confirmed as daughter of Frank & Mary ZURBRICK by Elaine Cheney.
                                              [History note:  In 1899, a larger brick school was erected on the corner of
                                               Main & School streets, North Collins, Erie co., NY. An increase in library &
                                               laboratory equipment made it a full-fledged high school, with eight teachers.
                                               Frank Zurbrick was principal of this school 1917-18 & 1918-25.
                                               He was later principal of a school in Lackawanna c.1941. He owned a home
                                                just north of North Collins where he & his family spend their summers.
                                               His Son, Frank Zurbrick, Jr., lived on School Street in North Collins, Erie co.]

Additional Genealogy:  Jacob ZURBRICK & Catherine LATCHER (LATSCHAR) had children -- Frank A. b. 1869; Julie b. 1872; Bertha b. 1875 (Mrs. Samuel HELWIG); Edward Leander b. 1876 (he had 11 children); Luella (Mrs. SIMME); Cora O b. 1883; and Herbert W. b. 1889.  See Surnames Page.

               - 1880 census shows that Charles was son of Nicholas ZURBRICK (b. Mar. or May 1819) &
                  Catherine (nee ZURBRICK), listed above; Charles' parents were first cousins.

*  ZURBRICK     Charles     burial records for this cemetery say he died/was buried on 11-12-1930, aged 73;
                                            - born abt 1857 (per burial record) ; born Oct. 1857 per 1900 census.
                                            - he fits as the father of Evelyn and Raymond.
*  ZURBRICK     Mary E.    died/was buried in this cemetery on 1-5-1937, aged 76; [born abt 1860, dau of Peter.]
                                            [- she was wife of Charles Z. -  aka Mary E. MILTENBERGER or MILDENBERGER.
                                            - she was a neighbor of her husband when they were growing up.
                                            - they had children Olive Henrietta b. 2 Mar 1888
                                                      (Mrs. Otto LANDEL - see 1912 Wedding Clipping)
                                                 and Evelyn C. (below), then Edgar (b. May 1899) and Raymond b. May 1899.
                                            - Edgar and Raymond refer to the same [erson, since the 1900 census
                                              had only Edgar (b. May 1899) and no Raymond.  Same with 1910 census.]

*  ZURBRICK     Evelyn C.  b. June 8,1892 daughter of Charles ZURBRICK, age 40 (should be age 34), farmer,
                                            b. Cheektowaga & his wife ____ "MILLENDBERGER" ZURBRICK, b. Cheektowaga.
                                           [This couple had one child before Evelyn. See Evelyn's Wedding Clipping, 1915]
                                           [Evelyn married Arthur L. WOELFFEL.]
*  ZURBRICK     Raymond   [AKA Edgar]  b. May 13, 1899 , in Cheektowaga, to Chas. ZURBRICK,
                                             farmer, age 41, (also b. Cheektowaga) & his wife Mary E. MILDENBERGER,
                                             age 38, (she was also b. in Cheektowaga). = info from birth record.

    [Please email Linda if you can connect them to other family members.]

*  ZURBRICK     Mr.             died/was buried on 9-23-1850, age ?    [probably  George Zurbrick - see above.]
*  ZURBRICK     Mrs.           died/was buried on  7-29-1860, age ?    [probably Maria Elisabeth Zurbrick,
                                              wife of Nickolaus b. 1780, but death date on gravestone was 7-28-1868.
                                              She was buried between her husband & brother-in-law George Zurbrick.]

*  ZURBRICK      Maria         died/was buried on  8-23-1868, age ?;

*  ZURBRICK      Gertrude     died/was buried on 4-18-1966, age 81;   [b. abt 1885]
                                  - probably was Gertrude OSWALD, b. Apr. 1884,
                                  - dau of Franklin J. OSWALD (b. 1856) & Elizabeth YOUNG (b. 1859)
                                  - of Lancaster, NY; married unknown ZURBRICK c1921; widowed by 1930.

*  ZURBRICK      William       died/was buried on  9-22-1898, age 1;  [b. 1897]

*  ZURBRICK      Child          died/was buried on 10-30-1862, age ?
*  ZURBRICK      Child          died/was buried on 2-19-1859, age ?
*  ZURBRICK      Infant         died/was buried on 2-1-1855, age ?
*  ZURBRICK      Alice          died/was buried on 2-2-1920, age 1hr.;   [b. 2-2-1920]
*  ZURBRICK      Arthur        died/was buried on 5-15-1917, age 7days;  [b. abt 5-8-1917]


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