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compiled by Linda Zurbrick O'Halloran.
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Early ZURBRICK Family Tree Diagram

by Linda Zurbrick O'Halloran
with many thanks to Pierre Balliet
Phil Zurbrick & other family researchers.

Showing the ZURBRICK family groups that
came from Hangviller & Pfalzweyer, France
to Erie co., NY in 1830-1833.

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A note on naming traditions...
Johannes = John in German-speaking families.
Johann is distinct from Johannes; Johann is a common first name (like Hans) that is usually not significant, since the middle name is what the person is called.
Maria or Anna are the most common first names for women in German records, but they are called by their middle names.
Middle names are usually taken from the baptismal sponsor of the child (often an aunt or uncle), so names are often repeated within a family.